Within an ultra modern society Japan still maintains to hold traditions passed down from generation to generation making it one of the most beautiful and intriguing places in the world.

Maiko enters taxi to her next appointment

A Maiko greats an apprentice as tourists wait in anticipation for a photo

Busy streets of Gion, A Maiko greats a business man

Miyajima Shinto Shrine at Sunset

That moment of victory, a Sumo tournament in Tokyo

A beautiful Maiko on the streets of Gion

A Maiko performance in Gion, Kyoto


These Geisha battle through the crowd

Bamboo Forrest Agedashi

Inari, the path of over a thousand Shinto Shrines


A break dance comp near Osaka

The Philippines

A lush tropical island full of coconuts and mangoes, there is a big divide between the rich and poor but that doesn’t stop the people there from being very happy.

The fish markets in Surigao Del Norte

In the "Dirty Kitchen"

Preparing the Leechon for the fiesta

My cousins outside their beautiful home

The Fiesta in Wanke, Claver

Faith is just as important as food here

The famous Philippino Jeepne

Smile πŸ™‚

My little best friend

Charcoal covered face

Charcoal covered face

Charcoal covered face

Card games, the loser gets a mark of charcoal on their face

Morning walks - Heavy rains

On the bus to Jolley Bee

Me and my crew

Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

The end of the 3km jetty

End of the road

Montreal, Canada

I visited the Freanch, Canadian speaking land in the winter of February 2011 as I followed my friend on her journey to audition for Circus Eloise.

This bike will rest here until summer

Trevor - Bike rider extraordinaire

hanging by a thread

This is where Celine Dion wed