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She’s wild and crazy but a truly talented musician and performer


A strong, morning gust of wind, south of Perth city, carried this eighty kilo trampoline fifteen meters from above the hill to my front door.   I awoke to be shocked by the sight of this giant, bouncy piece of amusement sitting at the front door. Upon closer inspection I discovered a trail of destruction that the once loved trampoline had left. 

Say what?! I found this just outside the convention center. Now who is MR MEN?

An afternoon at the jungle gym leads to a deluxe spin cycle on the spin-o-matic. A few too many spins later and half a bucket of pop corn before hand, and we all felt like milk in a blender.

He reaches the summit of the rock climbing mountain

Rotation #462

Rotation #765


New warning labels

The reality of what the human controlled, super robot, techno man is any way. A fork lift is much the same, without the deadly weapons of course, but a powerful peace of machinery we humans control and possibly use to help save the world from the threat of evil!

Nothing like a weekend road trip to break up the week

The weather had been bad all day but the sun decided to sneak out conquer the menacing rain as I drove home

It’s a beautiful piece of machinery


The energy from the crowd feeds my enthusiasm to continue playing music 

The Foo Fighters and Tenacious D rock Perth! I took the day off work so I could line up early and to make it to the front of the crowd when the gates opened, but when the novice working the ticket scanners delayed our grand entrance we were disappointed to only get to second row. Smart manoeuvring and the pushing from the crowd behind me eventually led me to the very front. Normally DSLR camera’s with detachable lenses aren’t allowed into concerts but I was lucky to have my Nikon P7000, a small but powerful compact camera. All through the night, as part of the excited mosh pit, I enjoyed the show and took pictures to remember the awesome night that it was.

For fun, fame or fortune

The Yok – My fav graffiti artist and here is some of his work outside a barber shop in Victoria Park, Western Australia

When I’m not having fun I’m having fun. A sneaky shot on stage with my band.

I looked out side after a rainy day and the clouds caught my attention, these pics are natural



We compare this dollar to every other currency in the would as a benchmark for monitory value. Most of us wish to have more than just one of these but does being rich really bring happiness? My sister found this quote;

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, Only when the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten”

North American Cree Indians prophecy

Businesses purchase stock from around the world because it actually turns out cheaper than locally produced products in some circumstances. In large quantities stock will travel months on the wide open seas in sea containers travelling around the world to reach its destination. The world is connected as we utilise each others resources to our advantages. Imagine all the different people that have stepped foot inside this container. This container came from the land of Japan to Australia, arigato gozaimasu.

This is my new toy the Nikon P7000 that I won for the I AM NIKON competition, Its a great title compact with full manual operation and HD video. It’s light and compact and will go places my bigger D700 won’t go, will be great for concerts where your not allowed the big camera’s. I’ve got a lot of practice before I can fully master this baby!