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Almost a year ago now I did a shoot for The Cipher Dance Academy to help promote the studio and its classes. The studio has continued to grow since then and there have been many more dance events and a few new teachers added to the roster. If your interested in learning an urban street dance style such as locking, popping, krump, breaking, house or hip hop then check out CDA some time soon!

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As we participate in Bboy Katsu’s workshop we learn from him not only moves but he share’s his stories of living a life doing what you love and how the dance community looks after one another. Imagine travelling around the world to places where you’ve never meet anyone before and to realise your in some trouble not knowing who to turn to when a stranger approaches saying a friend of a friend called me to pick you up because we heard you needed help. That doesn’t happen very often but the bboy community looks after one another because its more than just a dance, its a life style, its a community of friends.

This is Perth’s 11th Medal Jam event which is a break dance battle also including a popping showcase, art and photography exhibition where I got to display some of my work. The event was held at The Cipher Dance Academy which celebrated its first year anniversary of giving Perth a dedicated Hip Hop venue. The event was a huge success and shows how Perths scene although small in comparisons to others has a strong community who all come out to support one another.

Sneakers, kicks, shoes, whatever you call them they represent  your own personal style. These are the shoes of dedicated dancers in the hip hop scene, the wear and tear present all the hard work endured to do the thing that they love

With the assistance of Natty “Nice” Pinkerton I did a photo shoot with the dance teachers at The Cipher Dance Academy. Check out the massive studio where you can learn from skilled and dedicated teachers in the styles of Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop, House, Dance Hall and more, take a class or just jam! 4/4 Whyalla st, Willeton, Western Australia