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Oh please sir feed me some more

You’ve fed me once now I crave for galore

I’m helpless without you our bond is so tight

Don’t feed me soon and I’ll swoop down and bite


Team Zissou unofficial member – Clancy


Red spoon frozen yogurt 98% fat free means there’s always room for seconds. Pictured here is a passionfruit flavour, get closer to the screen and you can taste it. Each day they serve a different combo of flavours and my personal favourite is pistachio. 




Day one starts out with a BANG! An adventurous day at the South Fremantle power station, where we find the abandoned building alive with activity, including photographers, models, graffiti artists, drug users, the homeless. Taking the time to explore the unknown in my own back yard is my idea of fun.

If you would like to see more photos from the South Fremantle Power Station please click on the STREET ART COLLECTIVE tab at the top of the page.


south fremantle power station - the entrance


exhausted creative tools - spray cans


natty nice and duby


south fremantle power station - walking in the shadows of the past


graffiti - this is art


deceased spray cans


ladder and frog


artist not vandals