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Almost a year ago now I did a shoot for The Cipher Dance Academy to help promote the studio and its classes. The studio has continued to grow since then and there have been many more dance events and a few new teachers added to the roster. If your interested in learning an urban street dance style such as locking, popping, krump, breaking, house or hip hop then check out CDA some time soon!

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Live a life

“Your crazy!” I explained to my friend Paul as he told me his idea to set his feet alight. Not something I recommended for everyone to try but daredevil Paul from Defy Films played it safe and came out without a scratch. Although he did melt his shoe laces.

Hidden in Perth city behind the gates of the Condor Carpark lies a treasure trove of wonderful, graffiti delights. Multiply stories above and below sea level covered in art work is a privilege for those who are lucky enough to hold a cap space here.

25 tears ago


Perth City, Australia


Up early at 4:30am to line up for a good spot to sell goods at the Canningvale Markets. Old clothes, toys, books, jewellery and shoes, still in good condition looking for a new home. We didn’t make a fortune but it was a fun way to clean out the closet.

My good friend Paul at Defy Films used his ingenious mind to create a short animation using a still photo from one of my levitation escapades. Please enjoy 🙂

In the back alleys of Wolf  Lane in Perth city, Western Australia  I found Wally. Only 99 more to find.

Fresh Sox/ 7$ / MZK

Art work by Creepy