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Save the planet and levitate instead

What a glorious weekend it has been thus far. To have such a great family and friends I cannot thank you more. You leave me feeling like I will levitate once more…


As the sun sets I glide off towards a new adventure and who knows what awaits me this time. 

Highly inspired by the inspirational Natsumi Hayashi, I have attempted my own form of levitation. The meditation process to attain such powers was time consuming but a rewarding experience.

Please visit the master of levitation

Oh please sir feed me some more

You’ve fed me once now I crave for galore

I’m helpless without you our bond is so tight

Don’t feed me soon and I’ll swoop down and bite


Team Zissou unofficial member – Clancy

This nifty contraption combats against motor vehicles in a world where fuel prices match the age of the dinosaurs that bodies decayed in the natural process of anaerobic decomposition to become fossil fuels. The Zap electrical bicycle still requires you to pedal for the turbine engines to ignite but it makes the journey a whole lot easier.