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Just before midnight, as I was on my way home the other night, I noticed smoke below the hills at the local high school. I rushed inside to grab my camera and headed down to the scene. There had been a fire threatening the local high school but luckily fire fighters managed to contain the blaze before any damage to the buildings were done. When I saw the smoke I immediately thought what a great photo opportunity it would be, typical mode of thinking of a photographer. No one was harmed in the incident.





Just out hanging my washing mid morning when I noticed the piercing eyes of a snow white spider gaze upon me. It was so white that it was perfectly camouflaged sitting on the white washing line lines. But on the grounds red dirt my eight legged friend had no where to hide. Now I wonder if it’s poisonous?


I spent the afternoon at an indoor rock climbing gym. To conquer these walls one must possess great strength and agility, and like the saying goes what goes up must come down.



The raw nature of human beings leaves us unwilling to settle many arguments with a simple resolution. A difference of opinion, a difference in race or religion, or an unwillingness to share Earths natural resources. Like eggs we humans are so fragile and break easily leaving a mess that cannot be justified.


An afternoon at the jungle gym leads to a deluxe spin cycle on the spin-o-matic. A few too many spins later and half a bucket of pop corn before hand, and we all felt like milk in a blender.

He reaches the summit of the rock climbing mountain

Rotation #462

Rotation #765


Merry Christmas everyone, I hope Santa brought you something nice this year. All the  time sent preparing beautiful meals and the thought into buying presents all comes down to this one day where we spend time with our families and celebrate the special occasion. After lunch my family went for a drive to look at Christmas lights people had set up on their houses, one couple spent a month setting up all their lights and had previously raised over a thousand dollars for charity from donations received from the people that stop to look.

Christmas Morning

Fruit cheese cake for desert

The famous Christmas pudding

Christmas lights

Many gather to appreciate the spectacle of these wonderful Christmas lights

Little baby was scared of Santa

Nativity scene

A Christmas cat enjoying the Christmas lights

Make sure you have your flash ready as the lighting in clubs is quite low. Blur is common but can be cool to add movement to the party atmosphere. 

It could be Christmas, or your about to plunder and pillage around the world on a boat full of Vikings, the hat says it all as each one  exudes character to suit every occasion.

For my birthday in August I got a Fisheye 2 lomography camera. I bought a roll of film with 30 shots and its taken me until now to use them all up. I tried to save it for more special moments because I felt like I didn’t want to waste the film, where with my digital camera’s I shoot with an carefree attitude. I accidentally  exposed half the film to sun light before I developed them because I pulled the film out of the camera incorrectly which meant I lost half the images i took, its been a while since I last used film and I shall try again soon.

As part of winning the “Food glorious food” competition at mynikonlife I was granted the opportunity to write a food review and take photo’s at the Red Cabbage in South Perth, for the latest My Nikon Life issue out now. I previously posted about my dinner but here are all the pics I submitted for the magazine. 



Who wouldn’t want super powers, the only question is what side do you choose, good or evil?

I spotted an amazing artist in the city and stopped to get my portrait done. She did a great job and now I know what I’d look like if I were in a Manga comic!

New warning labels

King St by night the windows light up and our thoughts excite

Flies are out in force due to the hot weather and this is another take on flies fatalities added to my blog.

The reality of what the human controlled, super robot, techno man is any way. A fork lift is much the same, without the deadly weapons of course, but a powerful peace of machinery we humans control and possibly use to help save the world from the threat of evil!

Nothing like a weekend road trip to break up the week

On December 8th 2011 BETTY SUGAR, along with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, hosted a fashion event to help raise much needed funds to help fight breast cancer and to create awareness in an entertaining, fashionable and positive way.


If you would like more information on the National Breast Cancer Foundation or you would like to donate please click here for a link to their web-site. 

The weather had been bad all day but the sun decided to sneak out conquer the menacing rain as I drove home

It’s a beautiful piece of machinery


The energy from the crowd feeds my enthusiasm to continue playing music 

The Foo Fighters and Tenacious D rock Perth! I took the day off work so I could line up early and to make it to the front of the crowd when the gates opened, but when the novice working the ticket scanners delayed our grand entrance we were disappointed to only get to second row. Smart manoeuvring and the pushing from the crowd behind me eventually led me to the very front. Normally DSLR camera’s with detachable lenses aren’t allowed into concerts but I was lucky to have my Nikon P7000, a small but powerful compact camera. All through the night, as part of the excited mosh pit, I enjoyed the show and took pictures to remember the awesome night that it was.

Tasty vegan food with vegan meat (mock meat).

Jasin Boland a stills photographer for many of Hollywoods great films such as The Matrix, Green Zone, Safe House Misson Impossible  and many more shared his time to talk with us about his tips and techniques being on set during capturing all the action. A truly humble and inspiring person to learn from. Thanks to Camera Electronic for putting his event together.