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For fun, fame or fortune


The Yok – My fav graffiti artist and here is some of his work outside a barber shop in Victoria Park, Western Australia

It’s not cheap to be a professional ballroom dancer and at the young age of 14 and 17 these two future stars are raising money for the next year of events. They will each spend about $30,000 on flights, accommodation and costumes.

My generous friend Mr Aaron here has travelled all the way from China to Australia for work. He’s been working very hard travelling around the country but he finds time to hang out and share a pizza with friends.

Point of entry

No finger prints found as the glass was too dirty

The criminals found the petty cash with $100. 45, they did not steal the receipts

When I’m not having fun I’m having fun. A sneaky shot on stage with my band.

I looked out side after a rainy day and the clouds caught my attention, these pics are natural



We compare this dollar to every other currency in the would as a benchmark for monitory value. Most of us wish to have more than just one of these but does being rich really bring happiness? My sister found this quote;

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, Only when the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten”

North American Cree Indians prophecy

Businesses purchase stock from around the world because it actually turns out cheaper than locally produced products in some circumstances. In large quantities stock will travel months on the wide open seas in sea containers travelling around the world to reach its destination. The world is connected as we utilise each others resources to our advantages. Imagine all the different people that have stepped foot inside this container. This container came from the land of Japan to Australia, arigato gozaimasu.