The colour of your eyes, the tone of your skin, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you cry. How are you feeling today? No need to answer because I can see it in your face. You face tells the story of who you are. A person with an expressive face or someone who likes to smile will have wrinkles that tells us how much you do so. Take the time to notice subtle features as you can’t hide the truth in your face.

About the photo’s: I set up my Nikon D700 with a 50mm Nikkor on a tripod. I did these self portrait to test out a Muslin backdrop I purchased on Ebay. I much prefer paper backdrops but I wanted to test out the Muslin’s as they are half the price of the paper backdrops. The Muslin is good for portability but it can be tough to get a solid looking background and a background clear of wrinkles on the material. I used the afternoons natural sunlight coming through a window to cast shadows on one side of my face to give character and then edited in Adobe Lightroom to really bring out the blacks and detail.