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Time is what we live by, time to eat, time to sleep, time to work, time to go home, time to party, time to study. Apparently there are never enough hours in the day. It’s such a precious thing that we take for granted until we no longer have any of it to spare. Some make the most of there’s while others let it waste away. However you decide to use it make sure you have time to at least appreciate it…


Its amazing what treasures you can find at the op-shop

Hippy dress up time!

Without the sun our planet would be a lifeless pile of dust. The sun is a powerfully force but in the small doses we receive it brings life to the world .Shot on the Nikon P7000

This is my new toy the Nikon P7000 that I won for the I AM NIKON competition, Its a great title compact with full manual operation and HD video. It’s light and compact and will go places my bigger D700 won’t go, will be great for concerts where your not allowed the big camera’s. I’ve got a lot of practice before I can fully master this baby!





This nearly killed me

Frisk Espresso - coffee and new bar licence

Dinner at Ciao Italia then drinks at Frisk Espresso


As we participate in Bboy Katsu’s workshop we learn from him not only moves but he share’s his stories of living a life doing what you love and how the dance community looks after one another. Imagine travelling around the world to places where you’ve never meet anyone before and to realise your in some trouble not knowing who to turn to when a stranger approaches saying a friend of a friend called me to pick you up because we heard you needed help. That doesn’t happen very often but the bboy community looks after one another because its more than just a dance, its a life style, its a community of friends.

This is Perth’s 11th Medal Jam event which is a break dance battle also including a popping showcase, art and photography exhibition where I got to display some of my work. The event was held at The Cipher Dance Academy which celebrated its first year anniversary of giving Perth a dedicated Hip Hop venue. The event was a huge success and shows how Perths scene although small in comparisons to others has a strong community who all come out to support one another.

My sister!

Thanks to Shannon for modelling for me today, again I’m testing out my muslin backdrop. The material is thin and unless you have it hanging in front of a dark wall then lights will make it transparent. You get what you pay for but I think this will come in handy for portability and simple set ups for a home studio.

Please check the link to Shannon’s business Authentic Self, which offers services such as Reiki for people and Theta Healing. 🙂

Here is a link to her Facebook page Authentic Self on Facebook

The colour of your eyes, the tone of your skin, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you cry. How are you feeling today? No need to answer because I can see it in your face. You face tells the story of who you are. A person with an expressive face or someone who likes to smile will have wrinkles that tells us how much you do so. Take the time to notice subtle features as you can’t hide the truth in your face.

About the photo’s: I set up my Nikon D700 with a 50mm Nikkor on a tripod. I did these self portrait to test out a Muslin backdrop I purchased on Ebay. I much prefer paper backdrops but I wanted to test out the Muslin’s as they are half the price of the paper backdrops. The Muslin is good for portability but it can be tough to get a solid looking background and a background clear of wrinkles on the material. I used the afternoons natural sunlight coming through a window to cast shadows on one side of my face to give character and then edited in Adobe Lightroom to really bring out the blacks and detail.

Just received my 1st copy in the mail of my new subscription to National Geographic magazine. This is all I need to inspire my thoughts of travel and photography.

Tasmanian Tiger skeletons where found in the cave fallen from an opening near the roots of tree’s they made it all the way from tasmania to a sad fate. Once a animal falls they would most certainly not survive as there was no water or food in this cave for thousands of years.

Call now to get your lawn manicured 

My sister had her birthday today and her present was a set of Glowfly Glow Poi. Basically they are a ball on a string that you spin around. Oh and did I mention they glow in the dark COWABUNGA DUDES!

I was saving this nice bottle of Sake for a special moment after hearing some good news and catching up with good friends

You’ve got to start somewhere











Proud of my heritage