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Sneakers, kicks, shoes, whatever you call them they represent  your own personal style. These are the shoes of dedicated dancers in the hip hop scene, the wear and tear present all the hard work endured to do the thing that they love

Birthday lunch at South Perth



Luckily enough to get a Friday afternoon off work I attended a Nikon workshop on, Fashion blogging and natural light portraiture. I learnt a lot from the wise words from some of Australia’s top fashion photographers.

Red Cabbage fine dinning in South Perth, the award winning restaurant is definitely worth a visit to experience the modern British cuisine. As part of my prize for winning a food review assignment at My Nikon Life I was sent on assignment to review their food, check the next issue of the Nikon mag for my full review and pictures.

Sometimes grain can work to the advantage of your image so don’t always shy away from it as you try to get the perfect shot. Remember those old Alfred Hitchcock films. With the ever improving technology at hand I think we often forget that there is actually more importance to the content of the image compared to the quality of the image. Forget about having the best camera or lenses and think more about using your own eyes to see something special. 

With the assistance of Natty “Nice” Pinkerton I did a photo shoot with the dance teachers at The Cipher Dance Academy. Check out the massive studio where you can learn from skilled and dedicated teachers in the styles of Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop, House, Dance Hall and more, take a class or just jam! 4/4 Whyalla st, Willeton, Western Australia

Just got my camera back after it spent the night at the camera shop as its sensor was due for a much needed cleaning. Strolling through Minnawarra Park you will find a nice array of colourful flowers and wildlife. With these shots I played around in Adobe Light Room to adjust colours to give a bit more pow.


This book sits by my bed and hopefully it somehow inspires me while I sleep. I love to travel and take photo’s and I believe that its not always the quality of the photographs but more the story it tells. 

The third session of Jesse’s tattoo at Holdfast tattoo

Using a Nikkor Supa wide 14 – 24mm I take you for a ride seeing a life through my eyes, unfortunately it was not the most interesting of days but I will take you through an exciting adventure starting with me brushing my teeth and feeding my goldfish, to an exciting inside view on the laboratory to conclude with my stretching before a training session at the Cipher Dance Academy!

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Shot using my 50mm at f1.4 ISO800 I create  shallow depth of field as the evening sun gleams through the window. The light bounces off the floor boards giving in a warm look as Tux poses for her fifteen minutes of fame


My Dad gave me my first camera that he got from a friend. I can’t remember what brand it was and the camera has since been misplace but it was an old school film camera that shot in a square format. My Dad gave me the camera and some film and I used it all up shooting around our back yard. There wasn’t much positive feedback about the end results but I enjoyed hunting for an interesting image. It wasn’t until years later that I began shooting again after buying a Sony DSLR to take photo’s whilst on holiday, as I had been previously filming all my vacations and realised I spent too much time hold the video camera  instead of enjoying the moment. Still camera’s seemed like the better option

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This is the first bass I ever bought, at the time I knew nothing about it and bought it purely because it look cool. That impulse decision has stuck with me for a long time. Back in 2002 I took it with me all the way to Sydney to watch my favourite band and managed to get back stage and get it personally singed, never say never because anything can happen if you have the guts to give it a go.

I’m using my 50mm open to F1.4 with an ISO of 1600. These photos are unedited and you can see the grain from the high ISO. Probably would of been better to use a longer exposure and a lower ISO to achieve the same picture with no grain.


Another day another dollar, the guys in the factory next door spill an unknown white powdery substance that they claim is 100% legal in all areas of mexico, whilst I spend the day attempting to draw pictures of the lovably Bender for unsuspecting victims of my comedy.

A nice clear blue sky on a warm spring afternoon, the moon stares down at half mask as the rest of the stars in the galaxy patiently await the suns departure.

Playing with my home studio set up. Two remote triggered elinchrom soft boxes, white back drop, Nikon D700 with timer set, sitting on a tripod using a nikkor 24 – 70mm. Post production done with adobe light room and photoshop. The bass pictured is a Yamaha bb415, a 5 string remake of the popular 80’s bass guitar as  used by Tony Kanal and Michael Anthony.

My Grandma was an old fashion woman, she was a great writer and a english teacher at a time when people actually used correct grammar, I’ve inherited her sense of adventure and love of travel. I keep this book of hers in memory.



The Warr family photo shoot

Late night driving home from a gig a hour away from home I do the crazy thing of taking photo’s whilst driving 100km’s down the freeway





Good friends and family our stories only grow – 14-24mm nikkor supa wide

the twins

a wild gaggle of filipinos