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He’s not a pirate (yet) but he is my brother and he has a tattoo on his forearm of a skull and roses surrounding our mothers family name. After three sessions it is almost complete, stay tuned…


Mongolian fine dinning

The world is such an amazing place regardless of all the crazy stuff that goes on one can always look up to the big open canvas and be amazed by its raw beauty and wonder

A world of art

Oh geez i deleted day#8’s images from my camera thinking I had uploaded them already so day #8 is in remembrance of those photo’s that could not be here today RIP 😦


Your first birthday is the one you will never forget, but that is only if you can remember…

Just sitting on my balcony after a long day at work when i noticed something out of a scene of peter pan as my shadow began to move on its own accord. I’ve always wanted to be peter pan but then more like a scene from alfred hitchcocks psycho it tried to attack me…

Psycho shadow

I decided to experiment with long exposures in low light using the glowing green clock on my oven. I’ve seen light painting done with your standard flashlight but I thought this was an interesting idea as you can see the time streak almost like its another dimension…

Facial expressions communicate silently with more detail than the spoken word. As the suns light gleams through my bathroom window I took the opportunity to practice a self portrait using the white bathroom door as a back drop. I set up my camera on a tripod using my 50mm prime lens. The shadows versus the light created interesting contrast for my expressive wrinkles



I have a small round fish bowl in my room and just bought three little goldfish after my last one died whilst i was on holiday (some say emotional distress). the sound of the filter bubbling and watching the fish swim around in circles has such a calming effect on me.

the fish with the googley eyes

Day one starts out with a BANG! An adventurous day at the South Fremantle power station, where we find the abandoned building alive with activity, including photographers, models, graffiti artists, drug users, the homeless. Taking the time to explore the unknown in my own back yard is my idea of fun.

If you would like to see more photos from the South Fremantle Power Station please click on the STREET ART COLLECTIVE tab at the top of the page.


south fremantle power station - the entrance


exhausted creative tools - spray cans


natty nice and duby


south fremantle power station - walking in the shadows of the past


graffiti - this is art


deceased spray cans


ladder and frog


artist not vandals