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She’s wild and crazy but a truly talented musician and performer

Fresh coconuts to really make us feel like we’re on holiday

Hotel room shenanigans

Rasta bar, up the hill from Shiralea Backpackers Resort on Koh Phangan

4 x 4 adventure with the Contiki group

Pad Thai noodles at the Sea Hag, Patong Beach, Phuket

This monk is special. He sensed he death was near and meditated until he passed where he remains in that same position as his hair and finger nails continue to grow.

Baby monkey and his mummy

Cheeky monkey


Posing with the Champ from Afghanistan

Muay Thai tourists

A beautiful beach at Koh Samui

Our final sunset at Koh Phangan

Lanterns at night

Saying good bye to a great group of people

Thailand – Koh Tao

Beware the fire skipping rope as I have been told the handlers make commission from the local doctors for any patient paying to mend burn injuries.

Old Phuket town like it names says is the original formation of Phuket. The now historical city once flourished during the tin mining boom about 100 years ago.

Phuket & Koh Samui

Muay Thai kick boxing, Thailands national sport. In Phuket, Patong Beach, Thailand, cars drive down every street with speakers blaring advertising each nights special event. “TONIGHT TONIGHT BIG FIGHT!” I paid a little extra to sit ring side so I could really feel the action. I was so close I was able to lean against the ring and poke my camera up and under the ropes to get a clear shot. The fights are a must see for anyone trying to experience the heart and soul of Thailand as you can see the passion in their eyes as they face off with their opponent. Fighters from around the world including Australia and Afghanistan come to challenge Thailand’s elite and I was even surprised to see the seriousness in boys as young ten who entered the ring and never held back.

Go see it for yourself when your in Thailand next.

Almost a year ago now I did a shoot for The Cipher Dance Academy to help promote the studio and its classes. The studio has continued to grow since then and there have been many more dance events and a few new teachers added to the roster. If your interested in learning an urban street dance style such as locking, popping, krump, breaking, house or hip hop then check out CDA some time soon!

CDA on Facebook     THECIPHER.COM.AU     CDA on Twitter 


Live a life

“Your crazy!” I explained to my friend Paul as he told me his idea to set his feet alight. Not something I recommended for everyone to try but daredevil Paul from Defy Films played it safe and came out without a scratch. Although he did melt his shoe laces.

Hidden in Perth city behind the gates of the Condor Carpark lies a treasure trove of wonderful, graffiti delights. Multiply stories above and below sea level covered in art work is a privilege for those who are lucky enough to hold a cap space here.

25 tears ago


Perth City, Australia


Up early at 4:30am to line up for a good spot to sell goods at the Canningvale Markets. Old clothes, toys, books, jewellery and shoes, still in good condition looking for a new home. We didn’t make a fortune but it was a fun way to clean out the closet.

My good friend Paul at Defy Films used his ingenious mind to create a short animation using a still photo from one of my levitation escapades. Please enjoy :)

In the back alleys of Wolf  Lane in Perth city, Western Australia  I found Wally. Only 99 more to find.

Fresh Sox/ 7$ / MZK

Art work by Creepy

Howard Lane hidden amongst a towering, forrest, of steel offices, reaching for the sky. Local artists The Yok and Stormy have brought the lane way to life and is a breath of fresh air for those going through the daily grind of the 9 to 5. This has got to be my favourite lane way in Perth.

Before they set off on their adventure around wild, Australia these happy little campers test run a night in their new home. 

The second instalment to the All Styles battles at the Cipher Dance Academy where dancers from all aspects of the art come together.

Save the planet and levitate instead

What a glorious weekend it has been thus far. To have such a great family and friends I cannot thank you more. You leave me feeling like I will levitate once more…


As the sun sets I glide off towards a new adventure and who knows what awaits me this time. 

Highly inspired by the inspirational Natsumi Hayashi, I have attempted my own form of levitation. The meditation process to attain such powers was time consuming but a rewarding experience.

Please visit the master of levitation

Oh please sir feed me some more

You’ve fed me once now I crave for galore

I’m helpless without you our bond is so tight

Don’t feed me soon and I’ll swoop down and bite


Team Zissou unofficial member – Clancy

This nifty contraption combats against motor vehicles in a world where fuel prices match the age of the dinosaurs that bodies decayed in the natural process of anaerobic decomposition to become fossil fuels. The Zap electrical bicycle still requires you to pedal for the turbine engines to ignite but it makes the journey a whole lot easier.

As the DJ pumps up the volume a circle forms and those that dare enter not knowing if they will ever exit.

Medal Jam 12 in Perth, Western Australia had a record breaking crowd and number of competitors.  With special guest Hideboo from Sydney on the judging panel along with local legends Burnz 1 and Edit, Medal Jam allowed dancers as young as 8 through to 30 something build a strong community of local dancers.

May the force be with you…

My friend sells these super cute (supa kawaii) toys online and I was allowed special access to his storage warehouse to have a look at all the goodies. They all looked so lonely wrapped up in plastic stuck on the high shelves with no one to hug them. If you can help find them a home please help, but you will be put through a strict screening process to see if you’re suitable parents.


His website is currently under maintenance but check there soon

Just did some test shots with my sisters Sony Cyber-shot. It’s water proof in up to five meters of water which may come in handy on holidays.


Red spoon frozen yogurt 98% fat free means there’s always room for seconds. Pictured here is a passionfruit flavour, get closer to the screen and you can taste it. Each day they serve a different combo of flavours and my personal favourite is pistachio. 

Four men set out on a journey with the challenge of completing a 100km walk within the constraints of twenty four hours. Raising money for The Motor Neurone Disease Association of Western Australia (MNDAWA), they trekked on foot averaging 4.7km an hour.

They had the support of friends and family along the way and not even the blistering sun, wild Kangaroos, bulging blisters, or deranged criminals on the run could stop these men on their journey.  From 7am Saturday morning until 4am the next day they successfully complete their task in record time.

Part of the walking team are members of  the Ups ‘n’ Downers Square Dance club who are all helping to raise money for the MNDAWA.

For more information on the Ups ‘n’ Downers or the MNDAWA please click for links on the highlighted words.

Loved ones say goodbye as they fear they may not return alive

On the Brookon Hwy, Western Australia

They solider on like Rock Balboa in Rocky V

Throw away your Nike's, these will do

At the halfway mark, only 50kms to go

There's no looking back, it's too dark...

Mission accomplished!

Call out vol 6 at The Cipher Dance Academy. Perth’s #1 Popping event!

In the cipher

Two days before his wedding my friend Peter tells me he’s getting married and he need’s me to be there. I almost loose my job arguing with my boss to get time off with such short notice.

Weddings are always nice :D


A strong, morning gust of wind, south of Perth city, carried this eighty kilo trampoline fifteen meters from above the hill to my front door.   I awoke to be shocked by the sight of this giant, bouncy piece of amusement sitting at the front door. Upon closer inspection I discovered a trail of destruction that the once loved trampoline had left. 

But this is what i got…

Nicholsons Bar and Grill in Canning Vale recently upgraded its decor by adding these eye catching, electric, cherry blossom trees. A nice addition to delicious food inside. I recommend you try the chicken and avocado pizza.

Say what?! I found this just outside the convention center. Now who is MR MEN?

Today I helped my good friend Norman with his photo shoot by being his assistant for the morning. Its not always easy trying to get that perfect photo so I was there to help wherever needed. Click the link for his final images BRUIN MEDIA

My awesome friend Kimberly takes the crown for Miss Chinese new Year 2012 held at Glouster Park! For more pictures from the night please click the link to the gallery Miss Chinese New Year WA Gallery 



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